Therese Bauer
Licensed Massage Therapist, #18383


On massage following a year of major health crisis:

I recently experienced a difficult year with a major health crisis that was devastating to me physically and emotionally. One of the most wonderful discoveries in my long journey back to health and wholeness has been Therese. She is highly skilled in her work and in assessing client's needs, as well as successfully addressing them. I was a real skeptic after trying other "alternative" therapies. I am amazed at the improvement I feel in terms of relief from pain, and improvement in my quality of life. The biggest part I am amazed at is that my stress has gone down! I would never have believed I could walk in for a session feeling tense and wound up, and then literally feel my body relax so quickly and completely. I leave Therese's office each time feeling like a new person in body an spirit and I love it. Thank you for what you do Therese, and for doing it so exceptionally well! - Deborrah

Notes from an endurance athlete:

As an endurance athlete I have discovered Therese to be a very skilled and attentive massage therapist. Therese's approach allowes her to both listen to my concerns as well as tune in to my body to intuitively sense the areas needed attention. With the soft tissue muscle work being much needed for recovery and performance, Therese also zones in on the area where muscle meets the bone (connective tissue), an area I find on my body that needs the most attention. Finding someone to treat these areas has been difficult for me. I live in Southern California, and make a point to see Therese , who came highly recommended to me, when I am visiting my family in Eugene. - Laurie A.

On her first 30 minute foot massage:

"Therese gave me a great foot and lower leg massage. My whole body relaxed. I can highly recommend Therese's massages!" — Tyler Burgess, Owner of Walk With Me, Walking Coach, Local and International Walking Trips

Massage following a battle with cancer:

"I have been so pleased to work with Therese Bauer LMT.  After cancer treatment I couldn’t tolerate deep tissue work any longer and was searching for an LMT that could give a gentle and effective massage to relieve tight muscles and chronic pain.  I recommend Therese to fellow cancer survivors going through chemo, radiation or recovery to help with relaxation and decreasing discomfort." — Karen S.

Massage for an expectant mother:

"Therese is a thoughtful, insightful professional. She carefully listens and takes notes during the intake process and follows through during the massage. Her depth of knowledge of the human body and array of massage techniques make her massage therapeutic for the body, mind and soul.

I have seen her for prenatal massage, injury, and just because I needed it to help work out those stress knots in my shoulders. I love deep tissue massage and am never disappointed." 
— Angela B., review posted on Yelp 

Kind words from a fellow massage therapist:

"Had an amazing massage from Therese today. She has a wonderfully nurturing touch and is professional, knowledgeable and personable. Give her a call for a massage today, I highly recommend her!" — Tamara H. 

On his modern cupping therapy for a head and chest cold:

"Therese, I'm feeling great! Almost back to 100%. I was quite surprised at how quickly everything broke up in my lungs. I really enjoyed the experience and I'm really thankful that you took the time to help me out. Thanks for speeding up my recovery!" — Brady H. 

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